Cattle Tracking


Cattle monitoring is becoming increasingly more important as the demands placed on landowners grows. Proving animal provenance gives grazers the chance to attract top prices at the sales yard and day to day tracking, location and record keeping.

As a livestock owner you will easily be able to integrate the tags into your national livestock register with the RFID tag and benefit from the active LoRaWAN tag.


Your cattle can now be effectively managed 24/7 using monitoring that is updated every 15 minutes for their safety, location and 24 hour access to their records. The mobile app also allows you access to the database out in the field for ease of animal identification.

Software is being developed for both broad acre grazing and high value animal monitoring.

Cattle Tracking Device


- RFID and LoRaWAN tracking tag
- Utilizes GPS free positioning capable of geofencing
- Solar panel
- Supports  902 - 928 Mhz


- Weight 40 grams
- Solar panel to charge internal battery
- Protected to IP68
- LoRaWAN modulation
- Communication frequency of 15 minutes
- GPS free to save battery life (SPS-O)